Year of the snake

The Intuitive Snake - The “Learned One” in the Year of the Rooster

In 2005, aesthetic Snakes profit by life and complete some of their most personal projects. You will lean toward the idealistic side of your nature, and some may well daydream and procrastinate to the point of losing track of reality for a while. Strive for a balanced view of people and circumstances. Snake souls are within the Triangle of compatibility with the Rooster year and throughout 2005 -- love is in the works! Don't let a love affair turn into tabloid fodder or scandal. Spend some extra time with family as they will need your emotional support now. In 2005, Snakes increase their income and a promotion is heading your way. This paves the path to a much more interesting and satisfying career. This pleasant financial surprise will allow you to purchase something you couldn't previously afford. Resist any form of greed or temptation to take your comforts for granted, as both wealth and poverty walk down the same road.

Sign Characteristics

The Snake is born under the sign of wisdom. He is highly intelligent and his mind is forever active. He is always planning and always looking for ways in which he can use his considerable skills. He is a deep thinker and likes to meditate and reflect.

Many times during his life he will shed one of his famous Snake skins and take up new interests or start a completely different job. The Snake enjoys a challenge and he rarely makes mistakes. He is a skillful organizer, has considerable business acumen and is usually lucky in money matters. Most Snakes are financially secure in their later years provided they do not gamble - the Snake has the distinction of being the worst gambler in the whole of the Chinese zodiac!

The Snake generally has a calm and placid nature and prefers the quieter things in life. He does not like to be in a frenzied atmosphere and hates being hurried into making a quick decision. He also does not like interference in his affairs and tends to rely on his own judgement rather than listen to advice.

The Snake can at times appear solitary. He is quiet, reserved and sometimes has difficulty in communicating with others: He has little time for idle gossip and will certainly not suffer fools gladly. He does however, have a good sense of humor, and this is particularly appreciated in times of crisis.

The Snake is certainty not afraid of hard work and is thorough in all that he does. He is very determined and can occasionally be ruthless in order to achieve his aims. His confidence, will power and quick thinking usually ensure his success, but should he fail it will often take a long time for him to recover. He cannot bear failure and is a very bad loser.

The Snake can also be evasive and does not willingly let people into his confidence. This secrecy and distrust can sometimes work against him and it is a trait which all Snakes should try to overcome. Another characteristic of the Snake is his tendency to rest after any sudden or prolonged bout of activity. He burns up so much nervous energy that without proper care he can - if he is not careful - be susceptible to high blood pressure and nervous disorders.

It has sometimes been said that the Snake is a late starter in life and this is mainly because it often takes him a while to find a job with which he is genuinely happy. However, the Snake will usually do well in any position which involves research and writing and where he is given sufficient freedom to develop his own ideas and plans. He makes a good teacher, politician, personnel manager and social adviser.

The Snake chooses his friends carefully and, while he keeps a tight control over his finances, he can be particularly generous to those he likes. He will think nothing of buying expensive gifts or treating his friends or loved ones to the best theatre seats in town. In return he demands loyalty. The Snake is very possessive and he can become jealous and hurt if he finds his trust has been abused.

The Snake is also renowned for his good looks and is never short of admirers. The female Snake in particular is most alluring. She has style, grace and excellent (and usually expensive) taste in clothes. A keen socializer, she is likely to have a wide range of friends and has a happy knack of impressing those who matter. She has numerous interests and her advice and opinions are often highly valued. She is generally a calm-natured person and while she involves herself in many activities, she likes to retain a certain amount of privacy in the things that she does.

Snake & Rat
While the Rat and the Snake have many differences to overcome, in the end they do make a good couple. As lovers they will be very dynamic. Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Snake & Ox
These two seekers of quality and meaning make a great pair. All should go well for these two as lovers. Their overall compatibility rating is 90%.
Snake & Tiger
The Tiger and the Snake will have a difficult time finding common ground. Each needs to get his way. As lovers this need will diminish their potency. Their overall compatibility rating is 30%
Snake & Rabbit
While in many ways opposites, the Rabbit and the Snake go well together. As lovers they have the potential to create a deep emotional and sensual bond. Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Snake & Dragon
The luck of the Dragon and the intuition of the Snake make this a good pairing. As lovers, they will be intensely attracted to one another. Physically they have the ability to create a very powerful, satisfying relationship. Their overall compatibility rating is 80%
Snake & Snake
Two Snakes make for a good pairing since they share the same insecurities and know how to ease them. As lovers they should have a very sensual, fulfilling relationship. Their overall compatibility rating is 80%
Snake & Horse
Because the Horse and the Snake are almost opposites it may be difficult for them to build a lasting relationship. As lovers the initial attraction may be very strong, but may wane rapidly. The free-spirited Horse needs to be on the move while the Snake loves a stable home. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Snake & Ram/Goat
While not bursting with energy, the Snake and the Goat may have a solid relationship. As lovers they are capable of having an incredibly sensual, rewarding connection. Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Snake & Monkey
The Snake and the Monkey may be too dissimilar to form a rewarding bond. As lovers, while they may have an intense physical bonding, their differences will probably take the edge off of it. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Snake & Rooster
The Snake and the Rooster share so many of the same views it is hard to imagine them not getting along. As lovers they are nearly ideal for each other. Their overall compatibility rating is 90%

Snake & Dog
The Snake and the Dog are well matched. They will ease one another's insecurities without either having to surrender much individuality. As lovers they will create a comforting relationship both will find rewarding. Their overall compatibility rating is 80%
Snake & Pig
Although it seems the Snake and the Pig have enough in common to create a rewarding bond, the fact is they are opposites on the Horoscope and friction will arise from their differences. As lovers they are both very sensual and love the home, but their opposition may spoil any chances of them building a deep, loving relationship. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%

Ideal Jobs Include:
Professor, Linguist, Teacher, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Personnel officer, Public relations executive, Interior designer.

Lucky Numbers:
1, 2, 4, 6, 13, 24, 42 and 46

Famous Snakes include:

Abraham Lincoln, Andre Previn, Aristotle Onassis, Bob Dylan, Charlie Sheen, Chubby Checker, Courtney Love, Dizzy Gillespie, Dorothy Parker, Edgar Allan Poe, Fiona Apple, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Franz Schubert, Greta Garbo, Howard Hughes, Howard Stern, Indira Gandhi, J. Paul Getty, Jack Higgins, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Johannes Brahms, John F. Kennedy, John Malkovich, Kim Basinger, King Hassan, Linda McCartney, Mahatma Gandhi, Mao Tse-tung, Mary Pickford, Maya Angelou, Mickey Rourke, Mike Oldfield, Oprah Winfrey, Pablo Picasso, Pierce Brosnan, Princess Grace Kelly Rainier, Queen Astrid, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ryan O'Neal, Tim Allen and W.E. Gladstone.

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