Yera Of The Goat

The Creative Ram (Sheep/Goat) - The “Good Samaritan” in the Year of the Rooster

Esoteric Goats feel emotionally and physically drained during Rooster years. Despite some family problems, have faith in yourself, persevere, as you are on a course that is destined to succeed. In 2005, your luck recuperates but difficult planetary aspects can cause an abrupt change in mates, living situations or love partners. Also, your career path could also change quite drastically. The climate will be favorable to you as far as artistic expressions are concerned and many Goats will see financial rewards for their creative ideas and handiwork (November). You also benefit from your wise cutting of expenses – a lesson sorely learned from the past. Health wise, caution is advised during low-energy periods of January, May and August to avoid illness and emotional stress. Meditation, calm surroundings and maintaining a spiritual outlook of moderation help greatly this year. March and June will find you prancing about gleefully, as Goat natives are gregarious, social and will feel less withdrawn during these lucky months. Actively seek out the company of others, depend on your creative talents and let your imagination soar to the Heavens now.

Sign Characteristics

The Ram (Sheep/Goat) (Sheep/Goat) is born under the sign of art. He/she is an easy-going person who prefers to live in a relaxed and tension-free environment. He/she is creative and artistic and can get along with nearly everyone. He/she hates unpleasantness and discord . He/she instinctively shies away from confrontation but is not a push-over. The Ram (Sheep/Goat) is meticulous and a perfectionist in his/her work. He/she is not a fast worker however, but rather a quality worker. When he/she starts a project, he/she is certain to give it his/her best effort.

The Ram (Sheep/Goat) likes the support and encouragement that comes from working on a team. He/she is a real team-player and needs the feeling of sharing the work responsibilities. If left alone he/she will brood over work problems and would much rather have others make the major decisions. He/she knows he/she is talented and creative but also knows he/she is no leader. He/she doesn't understand why anyone would want to be the head man/woman, the manager, the President, or the general. He/she is no mindless follower , however. If he/she feels strongly about an issue he/she will speak up and sway everyone with his/her precision and strength of will. He/she has a very persuasive nature and employs his/her considerable charm to get his/her own way. If the Ram (Sheep/Goat) has nothing to persuade you of he/she will keep quiet because he/she has a reserved nature. He/she can be highly amusing and can be a marvelous host at a party because he/she can make people feel at ease. He/she gets along well with almost everyone. Compared to some of the other Chinese zodiac personalities, the Ram (Sheep/Goat) could possibly be the center of attention at a party but just can't compete for the spotlight with the Dragon , Tiger or Horse.
Of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Ram (Sheep/Goat) is the most gifted when it comes to the arts. He/she will be the great actor/actress, writer, artist, or musician. The Ram (Sheep/Goat) is an enigma in that he/she is a born creator which is mostly a solitary occupation. But even in this artistic realm he must have people working with him/her. The rock star who insists on a large retinue and a string of managers that decide everything for him/her, is probably a Ram (Sheep/Goat). The Ram (Sheep/Goat)'s spotlight is not at the party,. It is with his/her artistic endeavors. That's where he/she will shine. Many a Ram (Sheep/Goat) when met in a social circumstance will not seem to stand out from the crowd , but up on stage performing his/her art, you will wonder why you didn't take note of this magnificent and talented person when first you met.

The Ram (Sheep/Goat) prefers living in the country and loves nature, animals and is often quite religious. He/she is not good with money , although the Ram (Sheep/Goat) tends to have a lot of it. Having money is the outcome of being very successful with his/her art form. The Ram (Sheep/Goat) usually leaves home young in order to pursue his/her art but usually enjoys a good and lasting relationship with his/her family. After all, he/she did not leave home because of unhappiness but rather because his/her art lured him/her away. He/she can be quite nostalgic over his/her childhood and will keep mementos. He/she regrets that childhood had to end but he/she himself/herself made the decision to end it early.

The Ram (Sheep/Goat)'s home will also be an enigma. It will be untidy, strewn, and cluttered but very clean. There may be lots of things lying about but there will be no dust or dirt. The Ram (Sheep/Goat) likes cleanliness but clutter does not bother him/her. After all HE/SHE knows where everything is. The Ram (Sheep/Goat)'s taste in home furnishings is excellent, probably because of his/her artistic nature. His/her home will be filled with good and original art as well as furniture which the Ram (Sheep/Goat) himself/herself may have designed and commissioned. His/her surroundings are important to him/her. The Ram (Sheep/Goat) also likes originality and art in his/her style of dress. The Ram (Sheep/Goat) may design and sew all of his/her clothing, not from a financial viewpoint, but from an artistic one. If the Ram (Sheep/Goat) chooses to cook, he/she will raise it to an art form.

The Ram (Sheep/Goat) is best suited to the Tiger, Horse, Monkey, Pig and Rabbit because he/she likes a serious and stable relationship. He/she can also establish a good relationship with another Ram (Sheep/Goat). He can get on well with the Dragon, Snake, and Rooster provided he/she doesn't smother them with too much togetherness. The Ox and Dog are too serious for his/her liking and he/she will abhor the Rat's thrifty ways and always be fighting about money.

The Ram (Sheep/Goat) has a kind and understanding nature that can easily win friends. The key to happiness for the Ram (Sheep/Goat) is to guard against stubbornness, avoid being too clingy with others, and to enjoy using his/her boundless artistic talents.

Sheep/Goat & Rat
Although mismatched, the Rat and the Goat may develop a solid relationship if they are willing to put in the effort. The center of their life together must be the home. Under the right circumstances these two are capable of creating a great love. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Sheep/Goat & Ox
These are opposite signs of the Chinese Horoscope. To compensate for their opposition they will have to work hard to make a good relationship. As lovers they will have to struggle to create a common ground as well. Their overall compatibility rating is 20%
Sheep/Goat & Tiger
The Goat and the Tiger may have trouble forming a rewarding relationship. The Tiger's need for control may threaten the Goat's creative side. The Goat's need for stability may threaten the Tiger's need for independence. As lovers, these conflicts may usurp any chance the couple may have at bliss. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Sheep/Goat & Rabbit
The Goat and the Rabbit make a pair that is almost certain to succeed! Their soulful temperments are very much alike. As lovers they have the potential to create a deep, emotional bond few are fortunate to ever know. Their overall compatibility rating is 90%
Sheep/Goat & Dragon
The Dragon and the Goat may make a great couple. If problems arise it will probably be from the Dragon's desire to protect the independent thinking Goat. As lovers there is the possibilty of a very powerful physical and emotional bond. Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Sheep/Goat & Snake
While not bursting with energy, the Snake and the Goat may have a solid relationship. As lovers they are capable of having an incredibly sensual, rewarding connection. Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Sheep/Goat & Horse
With a few reasonable compromises the Horse and the Goat can create a fun-filled, rewarding relationship. As lovers they are capable of a very strong, sensual relationship, but the Horse is unpredictable, so the final path of this bond can not be known until it is walked. Their overall compatibility rating is 80%
Ram/Goat & Ram/Goat
Two goats can make an amazing, complimentary relationship. With their love of artistic beauty and generous natures they can lift one another to great heights of love. Their sensual and romantic natures will be demonstrated with many gifts of their time and talents. Their overall compatibility rating is 90%
Sheep/Goat & Monkey
The fun-loving Monkey may prove to be too much for the sensitive Goat. As lovers, the Monkey's need for a crowd will upset the more introverted Goat and doom any chance of true intimacy. Their overall compatibility rating is 50%
Sheep/Goat & Rooster
The Goat and the Rooster will probably have an ongoing, subtle battle for dominance. As lovers, the Goat's moodiness and the Rooster's pickiness may diminish the possibility of true intimacy between the two. Their overall compatibility rating is 50%

Sheep/Goat & Dog
Generally the Goat and the Dog do not match up well together. Conflicts will arise because the Goat is basically a deep thinking introvert while the Dog is a fun loving extrovert. As lovers they will be too busy fighting over what to do instead of doing to be a solid pair. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Sheep/Goat & Pig
Because the Goat and the Pig are so similar in so many important ways they make a natural pair. As lovers they cannot miss. The Goat will blossom in the safe haven the Pig creates for them. Their overall compatibility rating is 90%

Ideal Jobs Include:
Actor, Painter, Musician, Landscape gardener, Television presenter, Dancer, Escort, Investor, Shareholder.

Lucky Numbers:
3, 4, 5, 12, 34, 45 and 54

Famous Ram (Sheep/Goat)s include:

Barbara Walters, Bill Gates, Billy Bob Thornton, Billy Idol, Bruce Willis, Charles Dickens, Chow Yun Fat, Christopher Walken, Debra Winger, Douglas Fairbanks, Federico Fellini, Franz Liszt, George Burns, George Harrison, Grandma Moses, Harry Connick Jr., Harry S. Truman, Hulk Hogan, Isaac Asimov, James Madison, James Stewart, Joe Pesci, Joni Mitchell, Julia Roberts, Keith Richards, Kurt Cobain, Laurence Olivier, Leonardo da Vinci, Lord Byron, Malcolm Forbes, Mark Twain, Mel Gibson, Michelangelo, Mick Jagger, Millard Fillmore, Newt Gingrich, Pamela Anderson, Paul Gauguin, Paul Michael Glaser, Rudolph Valentino, William Shatner, and Winslow Homer.

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